About us

Saxon Recruitment Solutions is an independent specialist Permanent IT & Engineering recruitment company supplying quality candidates in Software Development, Embedded Systems, Electronics Design, Cloud, Mobile and Project Management. With over 20 years continuous IT/Technology recruitment experience, we have the knowledge, expertise and contacts across the industry to make a difference to our clients and candidates, solving their recruitment problems, developing their businesses and careers.

Business relies on talent. But the reverse is also true. Brilliant minds need the right environments to flourish. Expert recruitment is what makes these connections, and allows both businesses and people to grow and develop. At Saxon Recruitment Solutions we understand this.

We are committed to providing our clients and candidates with objective, unbiased advice without the constraints imposed on many large recruitment agencies by their own internal targets and inherent conflicts of interest.
People Make the Difference

"Products, services and technologies can all be copied. Culture, teamwork and people’s ingenuity are a great company’s ultimate differentiators "Unlike software or machinery human beings cannot be readily replaced or replicated - they have become the ultimate competitive advantage" 
- The Economist

"Today, most big international companies have access to the same technology and market data. The only way for them to differentiate themselves is through the skills/experience of their key people." 
- Sunday Times

Our Unique Selling Proposition is to be known for our level of service to everyone we deal with, to offer a differentiated recruitment service with value added services and sourcing through creative recruitment methodologies.

Underpinning our ethos is an adherence to maintaining an open and honest relationship with our clients and candidates.

Our simple philosophy recognises the need to fully understand every client and candidate's motivations, requirements and objectives. Recruitment is a people industry and people are our expertise – we recruit the best talent into perfect fit roles, every time.

We partner with our clients to provide imaginative yet pragmatic solutions to their resourcing needs by intimately understanding and appreciating their businesses and the challenges they face. Our success comes from our ability to identify, assess and hire the right people, whenever and wherever you need them.

Saxon Recruitment Solutions are proud of its client base, candidate relationships and the reputation it has built based on proven success and market expertise. We provide a highly professional recruitment model that is based on integrity, transparency, our strong business and technical knowledge and a genuine passion for delivery to both our clients and candidates.